Elementary Schools


Florence County operates 21 elementary schools serving grades K-6. Pre-school children are served by the four-year old program in seven of the schools, and kindergarten classes are available in four schools.


Daily classroom instruction centers around language arts, math, science, and social studies; classes in art, music, and physical education are held weekly.

Language arts uses one basal reading program, along with a variety of teaching and learning aids. There is also a basal text for mathematics which includes practical applications, problem solving and basic concepts.

Elementary science provides students with instruction in areas of life science and earth sciences, ecology, and science and technology. Instruction is geared to grade level, and hands-on experiences are emphasized.

Social studies curriculum encompasses geography, history, government, sociology and economics. The instructional objectives are specific for each grade level, with most emphasis placed on geography and economics.

Special Instructional Needs

For children with special needs, a comprehensive program for a range of disabilities is available: learning disabled, visually handicapped, and autistic. Certified teachers in resource or self-contained classes work with these children.

The District s Gifted and Talented program serves grades 3-6. Through REACH (Reaching Exceptionally Able Children), children receive instruction in critical thinking skills, writing, research, and extracurricular experiences to reinforce these skills. For the artistically talented, a summer program serves children in grade 5 and 6; they benefit from classroom instruction and contact with visiting artists through the HORIZONS program.

Education Stats

  • Number of 4 year colleges/universities: 2
  • Total enrollment 4 year colleges/universities: 5,665
  • Number Two-year schools: 1
  • Total enrollment Two-year schools: 8,212
  • Number Less-than-two-year schools: 1
  • Total enrollment Less-than-two-year schools: 476
  • High school dropouts (1990): 809
  • High school graduates (1990): 64.3%
  • With bachelor’s degree (1990): 14.8%
  • % of children attending private schools (1990): 6.0
  • State per pupil expenditure (1992-93): $4,624
  • SAT Scores (1994-1995):
    • Students taking SAT (state): 56%
    • Verbal score (state): 479
    • Math score (state): 474