Middle Schools

Schools and General Curriculum

Florence County operates 8 middle schools for children in grades seven and eight. Students receive instruction in English, math and science, social studies, health and physical education. Elective courses are available in foreign languages, computer applications, orchestra and band, and chorus.

The middle school provides a solid academic foundation for high school, and also addresses the needs of students as they enter the teen years.


Three instructional levels are available, based on a student s ability, teacher recommendations, and parental approval. The specific levels are: general, academic and enriched. Gifted and Talented (G&T) classes are also available for eligible students — they may take a social studies course in the seventh grade and a G&T science course in the eight grade. For those students in need of special educational services, students attend resource or self-contained classes for the learning disable, and physically and emotionally handicapped.

Extracurricular Activities

Students may become involved in a range of extracurricular activities. Academic competitions through interscholastic meets are hosted throughout the region. An intramural sports program is also available: softball, basketball, soccer and volleyball. In addition, students can participate in after-school activities: drama club, school newspaper and yearbook.