Florence County is steadily improving and ever committed to achieving an environmentally sensible surrounding through its recycling efforts.

New Recycling Equipment: Upgrade for Single-Stream

Florence County, along with Waste Management, wishes to announce the addition of advanced equipment to aid in the recycling process of items in the single stream.

Compactors have been placed at several locations in Florence County to replace the single stream bins. The compactors will increase productivity and decrease the amount of material being transported, aiding in cost savings! The co-mingled recycle material will no longer need to be hand sorted once it leaves the Solid Waste Manned Convenience Center. The now compacted materials/recyclables will pass through a machinery separation process and then be recycled.

Television Recycling

Our corporate partner, Best Buy, located at 2701 David H. McLeod Blvd in Florence has a TV recycling program for all residents in the area.

You may drop off any TV, up to 32”, free of charge, no purchase necessary. TVs over the size limit, please contact Store Management at: 843-661-5199 for optional locations.

CFL Bulb Disposal

Public Notice – Beginning Monday June 6, 2016, Florence County residents will be allowed to dispose of fluorescent CFL bulbs and tubes in the Household Waste at all County manned solid waste convenience centers. The County requests that citizens place the tubes in a large heavy plastic bag prior to disposal in the normal household trash.

Florence County states that it would prefer citizens try to recycle fluorescent CFL bulbs and tubes. Note: currently the only available recycling program, without charge, is for CFL bulbs only and is located at Lowe’s. Private vendors will take the fluorescent tubes for a minimal charge. Contact the Florence County Recycling Office (843)-292-1603 for further information.

Business Electronics Recycling

If you are a business looking to recycle a small quantity of electronics, for a listing of vendors, go to: Small-Quantity eWaste

Businesses having large quantities of electronics to be recycled, go to: Large-Quantity eWaste

You can click on “R2 certified” and “e-Stewards Recyclers” to view lists of recycling facilities that have met the state’s recovery standards.

Single-Stream Recycling

Transition from Sorted to Single-Stream

Residents do not need to pre-sort recyclables! Florence County has now converted to single stream recycling.
All types of material may be placed in the recycling container/s at the manned sites. These include: Plastics – all types of plastic containers; Paper – office paper, magazines, newspaper & inserts; Cans – aluminum and steel; Cardboard, Paperboard (e.g. cereal boxes, shoe boxes) and Glass.

Separate containers are available for the following commodities: METAL, BROWN GOODS, TIRES, E-scrap (electronics – everything with a cord), YARD WASTE, USED OIL and USED OIL FILTERS.

Single stream recycling reduces costs and increases the amount of product recycled!

Advantages of single stream:
• Recyclable items do not have to be sorted prior to bringing to the MCC, saving citizens valuable time and effort.
MCC staff time is reduced by eliminating the monitoring of multiple bins which frees attendants to be available to serve citizens in other areas.
• The recyclable items are transported collectively , reducing transportation costs. Once at the central processing location, items are sorted by machine to be sold in bulk, further reducing the cost of man power and transportation which reduces taxpayer dollars in solid waste fees.

Contact Information

Kathy Nephew, Recycling Coordinator

Phone: (843) 292-1603
Fax: (843) 292-1607

180 N. Irby St., MSC-G
Florence, SC 29501

Attention City of Florence Residents

For curbside recycling bins or other solid waste/recycling
issues in the City please call the City of Florence Recycling
Office at: 843-665-3236.

Electronic Recycling Locations

  • Ebenezer Site, 359 S. Ebenezer Rd., Florence
  • Effingham Site, 6760 Friendfield Rd., Effingham
  • Lake City Site, 1228 E. Main St., Lake City
  • Johnsonville Site, 230 W. Egg Farm Rd., Johnsonville