Letter from Chairman Caudle

To The Citizens of Florence County:

On behalf of the Florence County Council, Administration and the Emergency Management Department (EMD) I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate to you the importance of being prepared for Hurricane Florence. This is anticipated to be a major catastrophic event for Florence County.

It is the basic function of government to protect and preserve the lives and property of its citizenry. That being said, we urge you to exercise extreme caution to protect yourself and your family from being at risk. Ensure you follow the instructions presented by the local Emergency Management Department and emergency personnel because they are in a position to receive up to date weather forecasts and information, which they will in turn provide to our citizens.

Again, this Hurricane is anticipated to be a MAJOR CATASTROPHIC EVENT. Please do not take any unnecessary chances and exercise every precaution to preserve lives.

Florence County Council, Administrator and all County personnel stand ready to assist the citizens in any way that we possibly can to lessen the impact of the storm and assist in a speedy disaster recovery in the aftermath of the storm. We will continually provide updates on our website at www.florenceo.org and the EMD website at www.fcemd.org.

May God be with you and protect you all!


Kent C. Caudle

Kent C. Caudle, Chairman
Florence County Council