Clerk of Court PropertyCheck Software

Florence, SC – 12/03/2019 Florence, SC announced that they have implemented Cott Systems’ PropertyCheck in their office to help protect Florence residents from potential property and mortgage fraud. The 24/7 service allows residents to sign up on the Clerk of Court’s website to receive notifications when official documents are recorded on their property. Residents can activate alerts based on their name, property address, or parcel number. There is no cost to participate.

Florence works in partnership with Cott Systems to offer this no-cost solution, helping residents feel safer about their properties and online security. “Records in many states are made available for viewing online which makes it easier to track recordings on your property, but it does require persistence and, in some cases, costs the taxpayer for access,” said Mark Hellbusch, President of Cott Systems. “This solution eliminates the time associated with searching on your name or property by alerting you via email or text message when a document has been recorded that matches the alerts that you activated.”

Florence residents can sign up for PropertyCheck alerts at:

About the Clerk of Court’s Office
The Clerk’s Office is committed to enhancing the level of efficiency in its services and access to the public.

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