James T. Schofield

James T. Schofield

January 22, 1949 – July 18, 2020

The late James T. Schofield was the County Council representative for Council District 8, initially elected in November of 2006 and being re-elected to serve three additional four-year terms. Mr. Schofield was a 1967 graduate of Carlisle Military School, a 1972 graduate of Wofford College where he earned a B.A. in Economics & Business Administration. He served as President of Carolina Supply House, Inc. and was a licensed real estate broker. James was married to Martha Armstrong Schofield and had two children – Elizabeth and William.

Mr. Schofield served on various Committees of Council and as the Council representative/designee on several boards and commissions. He had a long and distinguished history of public service, having previously been elected to serve on the City of Florence City Council from 1983-1991, previously served as Chairman of the City of Florence Planning Commission, Past Chairman of Florence County Progress, Former Senior Warden, Past President Florence Lions Club, Past President Pee Dee Area Big Brothers, and Coordinated Construction of the Manna House Building in Florence.

Councilman Schofield was elected to serve as the Chairman of the Florence County Council on January 17, 2013 and served two terms as Chairman. The following are excerpts from his comments he provided when accepting the Chairmanship:

I pledge to you, my fellow Council members and the citizens of this County, that I will work tirelessly to protect the taxpayers’ long-term best interest and to conduct our business in as transparent and open fashion as possible.

We must work hard to advocate on behalf of our community in the global market place, realizing that if we don’t then others will take those good investments to their states and their communities. We must work at it, we must meet and plan for the challenges. We must lead on the issues of today. That is done by getting the will of this Council, through its collective voice and then educating our citizens on the necessity of what we are doing and achieving their support.

I pray that God will give me the wisdom and knowledge to always earn your respect and not to let you down in the performance of these duties. To that end, my friends, I will give you my best effort.

These comments were indicative of the type of public servant he strove to be every day.

James was a true public servant with a passion for the betterment of Florence County. We could always count on him to provide thoughtful comments on any issue before us, especially when it dealt with public safety and the budget. James will be greatly missed, but his impacts on Florence County will last in perpetuity.
Jason M. Springs, PE
County Council District 1

July 18, 2020 was a sad day in Florence County. James Schofield was a true visionary and a strong leader."
Roger M. Poston
County Council District 2

James Schofield was the epitome of the public servant. He loved the Lord, his family and his community and dedicated his life to working hard to continue to improve the quality of life for everyone. To me, there is no better testimony of a friend or a servant than the life of James T. Schofield.
Willard Dorriety, Jr.
County Council Chairman