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Florence County Planning Department

The Florence County Planning Department updates and implements the comprehensive plan, zoning ordinance, transportation plans, land development ordinance and international building and residential codes that help shape the growth and character of Florence County communities. We encourage you to become involved with the public participation process.

From this site you can:

  • Review and comment on upcoming plans
  • Find upcoming and search archives from public meetings
  • Find permit applications and requirements
  • Access maps

Consolidated Zoning Ordinance

As of January 2, 2007, the Florence County Planning Department has enforced the Consolidated Zoning Ordinance Section 8.6 Filing Application Fees which will set the summary plat approval fee to $25.00. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Derrick Singletary with Florence County Planning Department at (843)-676-8600 or toll-free at (866)-258-9232

Comprehensive Plan

Florence County’s 2022 Comprehensive Plan’s draft is published here for public comment. A hard copy is also available for viewing in the Planning Office at 518 S. Irby St., Florence, SC.
2022 Florence County Draft Comprehensive Plan
DRAFT – Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map
The Florence County Planning Commission conducted a review of the Comprehensive Plan in early 2017. Upon completion of the review, the plan was adopted at the Planning Commission meeting in June, 2017. Follow the link below for access to the Comprehensive Plan.

Florence County Comprehensive Plan