About Florence Area Transportation Study

As a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), the Florence Area Transportation Study (FLATS) is a process by which local officials and citizens have input in the expenditure of transportation funds within the urban area of Florence, South Carolina. Any major road project or transit project that takes place in this area using federal funds must be considered and approved by the FLATS Policy Committee.

The FLATS Policy Committee consists of representatives from the State Legislature, members of Florence County Council and Florence City Council, and the Mayor of the Town of Quinby. Any projects that come before the FLATS Policy Committee are first examined by the FLATS Study Team, which consists of technical representatives from various agencies and departments in the area. The recommendations provided by the FLATS Study Team are then passed on to the FLATS Policy Committee for consideration. Projects approved by the FLATS Policy Committee are then listed in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

Efforts are made to give the public an opportunity to have input in the transportation planning process. A wide range of people, including agencies, community groups, individuals, and the media, are notified of the meetings. The Florence County Planning Department provides the staff work for FLATS and is available to assist the public with transportation questions.

For additional information on the TIP or the FLATS Long Range Plan, or if you would like to become involved in the transportation planning process by being placed on the FLATS mailing list, please call us at 843-676-8600! We look forward to hearing from you!

Committee Members

Policy Committee – Voting Members

  • Councilman Rev. Waymon Mumford, Florence County Council District 7, Vice Chairman
  • Mayor T. Ashby Gregg, Town of Quinby
  • Chairman Sherwin Welch, Florence County Transportation Committee
  • Representative Phillip Lowe, SC House District 60
  • Commissioner Tony K. Cox, SCDOT Transportation Commission, District 7
  • Councilwoman Pat Gibson-Hye Moore, City of Florence Council District 2
  • Mayor Teresa Myers Ervin, City of Florence
  • Chairman Willard Dorriety, Jr., Florence County Council District 9

Policy Committee – Non-Voting Members

  • K.G. Rusty Smith, Jr., Florence County Administrator
  • Shawn Brashear, Florence County Director of Planning
  • Jody Lane, Chairman, Florence County Planning Commission Chairman
  • Brent L. Rewis, SCDOT Deputy Secretary of Intermodal Planning
  • Kyle Berry, SCDOT Engineer Administrator, District 5
  • Emily Lawton, FHWA Division Administrator
  • Randall Osterman, City of Florence Manager
  • Drew Chaplin, City of Florence Planning Commission Chairman
  • Don Strickland, PDRTA Executive Director
  • Lee Nettles, Florence Regional Airport Commission Chairman

Study Team Members

  • Shawn Brashear, Florence County Director of Planning
  • Jody Lane, Florence County Planning Commission Chairman
  • Drew Chaplin, City of Florence Planning Commission Chairman
  • Jerry Dudley, City of Florence Planning
  • Clint Moore, City of Florence Planning
  • Curtis Boyd, City of Darlington Mayor
  • John Payne, City of Darlington Manager
  • Lisa Rock, City of Darlington Planner
  • Wayne Yarborough, Darlington County Planner
  • Mary Bines, Town of Timmonsville
  • Don Strickland, PDRTA Interim Executive Director
  • Lindsey Privette, Economic Development Manager, PDCOG
  • Robert Norton, Deputy Director, Florence Regional Airport
  • Connie Anderson, Florence Regional Airport Executive Director
  • Mark Pleasant, FHWA Community Planner
  • Joey Skipper, SCDOT Traffic Engineer, District 5
  • Jerome Pearson, SCDOT Regional Planner
  • Machael Peterson, SCDOT Planning Director
  • Brian Dix, SCDOT Program Manager, Pee Dee Production Group
  • Leah Quattlebaum, SCDOT Asst. Program Manager, Pee Dee Production Group
  • Stephen Jones, SCDOT Asst. Program Manager, Pee Dee Production Group
  • Edwin Sharpe, SCDOT Asst. Program Manager, Pee Dee Production Group
  • Diane Lackey, Multimodal Planning Manager
  • Cothea Scott, Regional Planning Manager, SCDOT – Transit
  • Brian Fulmer, SCDOTPRT Grant Program
  • Tina Feaster, SCDOT – C Program (i.e. CTC Funds)
  • Amy Blinson, SCDOT TAP Manager


  • Shawn Brashear, Director, Florence County Planning, *MPO Director
  • Ethan Brown, Manager, Florence County Planning
  • Holly Smith, Planner, Florence County Planning
  • McKenna McRoy, GIS Analyst, Florence County Planning